Welcome to the home of the evil animals, it shall be updated regularly as the existance of these creatures is realised by more and more people.

There are many who ponder on the existence of these 'evil' animals, and even whether they exist or not. One thing is for certain though, they can affect all of our lives.

Many people are also dedicated to the discovery of these evil animals. As of the moment, there are only five known evil animals, evil cow, evil dog, evil bunny, evil rat and the latest one, evil duck.

Evil Cow™, known to stalk the fields and meadows, and trap innocent walkers.

Evil Dog™, lures people into believing it is innocent and sweet, and then strikes when least expected.

Evil Bunny™, the King of Cuddly, but a vicious cold-hearted killer underneath.

Evil Rat™, small and squeaky, but specialises in death and destruction.

Evil Duck™, it may look harmless, but if it gets near you, you're in trouble.


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Evil Cow

Evil Dog

Evil Bunny

Evil Rat

Evil Duck

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