Latin name - Quackus Killerius Evilius

Evil Duck, a unique evil animal because of its ability to be at home on land, in water or in the air. This means that it has access to a lot more prey, and makes Evil Duck one of the most well fed evil animals out there.

Evil Duck is also both an adept solitary hunter as well as working in packs. Often when walking alone at night you can hear its death wail as it swoops in on an innocent victim. "QUACK QUACK QUAAAACK". If you are very lucky, and not many are, you can hear the crunching sounds of bones and the cries of the victim. "QUACK QUACK QUAAAACK ARGHHHHH CRUNCH"

Evil Duck is also a very intellegent animal. A favourite trick of Evil Duck is to 'quack' loudly in a bush somewhere, and when someone goes to investigate, it grabs the prey and waddles away to a safe place to devour it. You see, there is no safe place from Evil Duck, it can attack you when swimming, when jogging, or even when flying. Evil Ducks have been known to attack planes, with one or two of the pack crashing into the front and creating a diversion, while the rest of the pack slip in round the back and attack the passengers.

Please note, if you are walking around on your own, and you see web-footprints in the ground all around you, RUN, RUN, RUN, the chances are that you are in a favourite hunting ground of the Duck.

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