Latin name - wooflus evilius

Evil Dog, whilst lacking the size and brute strength of Evil Cow, it more than makes up for it in it's intellegence and cunning. This evil animal does more than lull you into a false sense of security, it actually becomes your best friend. Evil Dog can lay in wait for many years, often befriending the entire family, and this makes it one of the most dangerous evil animals.

Often running around in packs, Evil Dog's brutality is only surpassed by that of Evil Bunny. This animal can pretend to be a cute little puppy dog for years, and just when you think it's completely tame, it strikes. Evil Dog's speed and strength can often over power many an enemy, quite often people are attacked and don't even realise that it was Evil Dog. NEVER turn your back on Evil Dog, for while it is very patient, it is an opportunist at heart, and it will take any chance that it can get it's paws on.

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