Latin name - MooMoous Evilius

Evil Cow, one of the dastardliest evil animals ever discovered. This insanely evil creature has been known to stalk its prey for up to days. It lies in wait, pretending to be a completely normal cow. It may even give an innocuous 'MOO!' as if to try and reassure you of its normalness. But, never get too close to this great beast, for once you have been lulled into a false sense of security, BHAM, it strikes.

Kaleron, who first assumed it was a nice and friendly cow, discovered evil cow. The Evil Cow had worked its charms on the poor guy, giving a little 'Moo' of encouragement now and again. However, once Kaleron's back was turned, the cow struck with deadly force. No one knows exactly what happened when the Evil Cow attacked, but Kaleron has never been the same since...

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