Latin name - Fluffius Killerius Evilius

Evil Bunny, undoubtedly the most evil and notorious of the evil animals. this vicious killer often befriends young children, children too innocent to realise the bunnies true intention. Often seen in pairs, the evil bunny likes to lay in wait in hutches, waiting for the moment an unwary hand enters the door. BEWARE - If you see this evil animal, do not attempt to go near it, 3 deaths have been reported already at the paws of this fluffy maniac. Sitings of this animal are rare, as it is a master of disguise. It can be anywhere.

The reason for Evil Bunny's success as one of the top evil animals is the cute factor. No-one would ever expect an adorable little bunny rabbit to be the orchestrator of so much terror and violence. No-one could possibly realise that behind that fluffy and furry exterior, lies one of the most evil animals ever to hop around on this earth.

We are currently running a victims support group and councilling especially for the survivers of Evil Bunny attacks. Know this, help is available, and you are not alone

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